What to consider when buying the best baby play yard


Baby playard is always the first items needing to be prepared for childbirth. Newborn babies are little beings in need of care and special attention from parents. Therefore choosing a solid and safe play yard is very essential thing to do.Nowadays, it is easy for you to find different types and  styles of baby play yard  on the market, so you will realize that selecting one of them for your baby is a simple task. However, deciding to buy the best baby pack and play  with required functions is really difficult for  people in role of fathers and mothers … So what factors of play yard for the baby you should consider?

the best playard


The ultimate playard is a crib meets all strict safety standards set by the manufacturers and these standards are to ensure that your baby is safe . You need to pay attention to details such as corners, cage bar. Make sure they have no sharp edges and they are carefully smoothed. The best playard must have sturdy corner brackets because it can help to stop cracks and collapse of rails. Moreover, they have strong look, the distance between the railings must be proper to not clamp foot of your child. The hinge must be arranged in a position where children cannot reach it. In addition, you need to concern to the paint kinds of the cribs: What smell they have or they contain harmful chemicals or not.  You do not absolutely buy cribs from unknown origin, or made from recycled plastic since these playards will negatively affect to baby’s health. You can ask for wheels to move easily in the house.

Crib rails

Crib bars are often divided into two types: sliding (folding) and fixed. If your product belongs to any kind above, it also need make sure that the baby is secured and mom feel convenient and comfortable.  The sliding type (folding type) which does not use hinges or lock are not secure because kids can be scratched , or burst hinge can cause them to be harmful.


The steps of lifting the floor and  playard of the mattress

Crib floors often have two, three or four steps of lifting in case users want to change the height in order to suit the baby’s age . The highest step is for newborn baby and steps  is for babies when they start to stand , sit and for older children. You have to make sure that your baby can not climb or crawl through the cribs. Location to place playard must to be far away from the windows, curtains because your child can climb out, lean to drag the curtain which make her at the high risk of falling down. You should buy kind of playard which can be adjusted in steps. The mattress should have suitable thickness that is about 10-15 cm. You should be aware that too thin mattress will make you feel to let  the baby to the playard, in contrast, too thick mattress is not secured for babies.


Cribs with wheels that have smaller sizes and al most all kinds of crib which have convert function into a small bed or a sofa do not integrate wheels. However a  playard with wheels will more advantageous and more convenient  in moving for mothers.

Convert function

Almost all types of playard have function to convert a playard into a single bed or a sofa for kids to save budget and time for longer use. Therefore, you do not need to care much to this factor to know how to buy a playard for your baby.

After understanding these factors and consider them carefully, it is a good idea to check your budget in order that you will have the best play yard for your kid without breaking your bank.

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