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How to teach your child ride balance bike

To teach your child how to ride balance bike right way. Besides a high quality balance bike, parents have to get the good experiences in this issue as well as help your child pass stress during its practising process. Click here to show full url for list of high quality balance bike. A large number of parents were proud of passing this “challenge” successfully because it is not really easy for them to help their children keep balance on the saddle which is between the front and back revolving wheels for the first time. (more…)

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If you want your children to develop a strong moral ground, teach them with kindness – Part 3

Even when our requests seem fair to us, it is only reasonable to accept that toddlers might react with strong feelings. To ask them to deny their feelings of frustration and disappointment is to ask them to deny their humanity. It also sends the message that we adults are unable to tolerate their negative emotions. But when we handle toddlers’ strong feelings calmly, and refrain from using permissive or punitive strategies to end them, we send a different message: that conflict with a loved one does not mean the end of that love. I believe that it is far more important to provide healthy outlets for expressing emotions than to seclude, ignore, or punish children for having these emotions at all. (more…)

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If you want your children to develop a strong moral ground, teach them with kindness – Part 2

Venturing out into public requires not only patience and creativity, but boldness as well. Julia is likely to protest my attempts at guidance at least once, and because her verbal abilities are still developing, this protest can take the form of an all-out tantrum. That’s when boldness is required. Calmly kneeling beside a frustrated toddler without punishing or threatening her is likely to trigger an onslaught of unsolicited advice and judgment from others. Their usual advice is to ignore or punish the child in order to eliminate these intense displays of emotion. The onlookers, reasonably upset about the disruption, want peace and quiet.